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Name: Serxinity (Also goes by Serenix)

Original Name: Serenity/Seren

Age: 19

Homeworld: Twilight Town/ Castlevania (After living in Twilight Town for a while)
Proof of Existence:  The Eternal Nightmare

Element: Nightmares

Weapon: Scythe

Explanation on how Power/Element works: Serenix’s scythe has two parts. The first part is a razor sharp blade that is dangerous when touched. The second part is located in the center of the scythe. An orb is seen there that holds the orbs of nightmares she collects. When activating the designated orb of that nightmare, say for example someone has a nightmare of them being surrounded by fire, the orb would glow red, and the person’s nightmare would take effect, thus engulfing them in fire, or so it would seem. All the orbs are different colors, due to everyone’s nightmare being different, and she collects them is when she has her scythe in hand, and when someone is asleep, she can shrink to tiny particles and enter the person’s mind takes or leaves the nightmare, which will usually consist of a battle between it and her, and then at times if she wants to harm someone she’ll cast a really bad nightmare, although this has never been done. And when she’s done she leaves and reforms into her actual size. There are some risks to this process one she can only remain in a person’s head for a small amount of time otherwise she’s trapped in the mind until they go to sleep next, or if the person wakes up.

Personality: She can be a bit impatient at times, but has a mother like composition. She cares deeply about others, especially her boyfriend Noxthajan, and has been known to get in trouble for trying to protect a friendship when it was going wrong. Although she has been ignored, stepped on, threatened, banished, yelled at, and called many different names, she still holds her head up high and just looks forward to what’s going to happen in the future and tries to keep everything together. She can be hard on herself at times, and others especially when they give up to easily, but overall she does her best t try to fix what happened. She is afraid of trains and refuses to go near them, but if a friend is in danger, she won’t hesitate to conquer that fear at all costs.

Likes: Serenix is very fond of animals and meeting new people. She has a pet kitten named Nerenox, which she combined Seren and Nox out of. She likes to hear people’s stories and feels that it’s a better way to get to know the person. She is the orgs masseuse and always smells like lavender, due to her room smelling like lavender every time someone goes in.

Dislikes: She is not too fond of trains and actually has her own nightmare about it at times that causes damage on herself at some random times. She hates people bullying other people, and hates people who are cruel to animals.  She hates people that seek power and thinks that it should be shared equally.

Back story: After being kicked out/banished from OrgEternal, she headed home to Twilight town and resided there with her sister Sayurix and older brother Naryx until she decided to go visit other worlds. After pondering about what had happened, she got the idea of helping other abandoned Nobodies, that had been banished or kick out of other orgs. So, after traveling around, she finally made base at Dracula’s castle (for those who don’t know it’s in the Castlevania games) and started an org there with Noxthajan.

History: (Human background on how they became a nobody) Serenity grew up in twilight town with her parents her younger sister and her brother nary. When she was about 10 her brother 17, and her younger sister about 2 years old, her parents were killed by some heartless when they were heading back home to see them. The heartless then spread about the city and ravaged the town in search of hearts before they headed to her house and killed her younger sister and older brother. By some luck they became nobodies, but Serenix had escaped and had no clue of this until she reached the train tracks where some heartless, in the form of her friends asked her to get something off the tracks, so she did but was unaware of a giant heartless in the shape of a train coming so she was killed by that as the heartless then finished her off. She then became a nobody and just searched the worlds until she found her sister and brother and moved back to twilight town after it had been restored.
Character sheet, nothing more nothing less
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